The long road toward an evidence-based policy

find the courage to abandon the silly idea that policy decisions can be judged just by some minor effects on our own little yard. Policy decisions have broad, dynamic consequences on our society as a whole, and we have to judge them on this base. That means we have to work hard to grasp every aspect of a decision in order to correctly evaluate it. No easy, ideological shortcuts allowed. We must get used to that. And we must also find the courage to support even those laws that will eventually undermine some of our own comforts, if these laws are reasonably fair and have a good overall effect on our society. We must always keep in mind that the advantages of good laws will eventually exceed every immediate, limited discomfort. Last, but not least, we have to forget about ideologies and political parties, and start spending our votes coherently with our evaluations of politicians’ decisions.

viaThe long road toward an evidence-based policy.


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