Anche a Roma si copiano le purghe staliniane ?

Questo era il “Terrore rosso” delle purghe di quell’imbecille di Stalin (1936-37)

“Terror—meaning extralegal state violence against groups and randomly chosen citizens—was so frequently used that it must be regarded as a systemic characteristic of Stalinism in the 1930s. Kulaks, priests, Nepmen (the term for private businessmen used during NEP), and “bourgeois specialists” were the chosen victims at the beginning of the decade, and “former people” were targetted after Kirov’s death.

         But the most spectacular episode of terror was undoubtedly the Great Purges of 1937–38, which are discussed in detail in the last chapter. Quantitatively, the scope of this terror was not too different from that waged against kulaks during “dekulakization.”  What made its impact greater, at least as far as the urban population was concerned, was that the elites, including the Communist elite, suffered disproportionately. Despite the elite focus, however, there was also an important random element in this terror. Anybody could be exposed as an “enemy of the people”; the enemies, like witches in earlier ages, bore no reliable external marks. ” (Fritzpatrick S., Everyday stalinism, Oxford University 200o)

        E’ possibile che anche in Italia, a Roma, ci siano imbecilli “violenze di stato extralegali … contro cittadini presi a caso” ?   Occhiolino   Possibile che lo “Stato” aggredisca cittadini a caso, praticando il terrore cieco e cinico, violando il domicilio e commettendo altri reati ? Possibile che lo “Stato” indichi dei cittadini come “nemici del popolo” a dei criminali ?  Occhiolino

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