Sentenced of bullying the italian interior ministry

Convicted of bullying the Ministry of Love (said "interior ministry"), bullying made during the years 2007-8 (4 responsible = "ministers" was Amato and Maroni; prefects was Serra and Mosca).

(preface:  “The fredoom of press (preface to Animal farm) by G. Orwell” )

“Any fair minded person with journalistic experience will admit that during this  war official censorship has not been particularly irksome. We have not been subjected to the kind of totalitarian ‘co-ordination’ that it might have been reasonable to expect. The press has some justified grievances, but on the whole the Government has behaved well and has been surprisingly tolerant of minority opinions. The sinister fact about literary censorship in England is that it is largely voluntary. Unpopular ideas can be silenced, and inconvenient facts kept dark, without the need for any official ban. Anyone who has lived long in a foreign country will know of instances of sensational items of news – things which on their own merits would get the big headlines – being kept right out of the British press, not because the Government intervened but because of a general tacit agreement that ‘it wouldn’t do’ to mention that particular fact. So far as the daily newspapers go, this is easy to understand. …… At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed that all right-thinking people will accept without question. It is not exactly forbidden to say this, that or the other, but it is ‘not done’ to say it, just as in mid-Victorian times it was ‘not done’ to mention trousers in the presence of a lady. Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing, either in the popular press or in the highbrow periodicals.” )

     In a landmark decision, the 16654 of 16/10/2012 (CGIL site-union) the ministry of  love "interior ministry" (it’s impossible to use capital initials), in the name of the italian people was convicted of violence, bullying, for abusive behavior toward a person, later probably died for the consequences.  A “ministry” that harm people make remember the orwellian “Ministry of love” : but here isn’t a fiction like “1984”, here is Italy, the worse country in UE.

sentenza 14b

(sentence text: “ The Court … condemn the interior ministry .   to pay € 91.247,68 to the victim, …. and € 10.500,00 to the lawyers ”)

        The serious and unworthy reported violence, advanced by the prosecution, and found as real and objective fact by the Court and in the written judgment, were perpetrated by “interior ministry” against a worker in the years 2007-8 in the "prefecture" of Rome (11), because the serious incompetence and irresponsibility of "prefects" and " ministers "of the time, respectively, that is, Achille Serra and Carlo Mosca, and Giuliano Amato and Roberto Maroni . None of them has paid: not only were not fired but they have "career" (!) even continue to speak to the world by teaching (!!), writing books or in "politics". Resurfaces the overt psychopathology of the workplaces; then there are the social and political responsibility of those four specific individuals and of the italian "political class" and by psychologists (they don’t help workers). In words, the “ministry” and the “prefects” also had a specific knowledge of the phenomenon of bullying (conference prefecture Pavia ), but this is only a farce, they have not done anything that in their duty ( their duty, their worl for that they are paid!). These are the "professionals",  and  the “interior ministry” is responsible: 2 ministers, 2 prefects, tens of executives,  thousands of police officers, police and firefighters, carabinieri, the "cream" of violence: not good competents Occhiolino.  Is the same  blue code of silence ?

(11) Here in the country of mafia, Italy is divided in 110 “province” (a part of the 20 regions) : each “prefecture” is the local part of the “interior ministry” (the said that they work for security), in there work policeman.


sentenza 1 (sentence “Sentence ….. between Yyyyyyy against interior ministry …”

     The violence against this person have been practiced since January 2007 to August 2008  in the "interior ministry" "prefecture" of Rome. The "ministers" and "prefects" left and allowed (responsible were them) that a sadistic and psychopaths "manager" referring the worker – the Court sentences (9)(In red text of the judgment ) – "a discriminatory and oppressive behavior … she accused the woman to work little, attacked verbally in the presence of others, threatened to complaints authority, controlled it for a long time and personally, to deny the possibility of deferring the holidays, excluded from the activities of the office. : that is Italy (in 2007-8 the president of Italy was Napolitano), the Italy that “journalist” servants, puppets and toadies hide and censore, as Orwell wrote “without the need for any official ban”.  They self-censore Occhiolino

sentenza 8 (sentence “in essence, can not be deemed not confirmed that the woman worker has been subject for many months in a climate of intimidation that has no justification whatsoever, and although she had, as early as April 2007, asked to be assigned to another service just denouncing the difficult relationship with the executive, Drs. Ingenit***
The conduct of the drs Ingenit*** appears illicit considered that has transcended the normal powers of direction and control that a superior must take towards staff. Nothing was said that the victim had ever committed misconduct, or that he had failed to fulfill its obligations, so that the moving endless nagging unmotivated even before other staff, unjustifiably refuse a short postponement of leave, marginalize the worker in relation to activities in which she is necessarily concerned, manifest themselves primarily conduct contrary to the principles of fairness required to be improntanti all human relationships.
Appear also conflicting with the Civil Code Article 2087 which requires the employer to take all necessary measures to safeguard the physical integrity and moral personality of the worker, it is clear that a consistent behavior in everyday reproaches and slurs, can cause damage in anyone …”

     So, congratulations to those who work in this Ministry of harassment and discrimination, congratulations to the minister, to all the “prefects”, and to anyone “work” (that means “making violence”) in the condemned “interior ministry” , or anyone have contact and relationship with Ministry of Love:

ministero della violenza dell interno e omertà

The Law, the Civil Code Article 2087 "requires the employer" (then the "ministry", "ministers", "prefects" and other "leaders") "to take all necessary measures to safeguard the physical integrity and moral personality of the worker "(1), but those five subjects did not respect the law: the heart of a" government ", the institution and the people who claim to provide" security "for a fee, the person who first should enforcing all of Laws and rules and authorize himself in a crazy self-authorization to do so by force, he violated the Civil code;  he violate with total awareness and despite calls / requests explicit pleading of the victim to defend his rights, his person, his health, his dignity, his life.

Repubblica delle Banane

The state, this Banana Italian Republic and his lackeys, has made ​​precise violence against a citizen.

sentenza 9 (sentence “it is useful to remember that the moral damage, in the presence of lesions of fundamental human rights, guaranteed by the Constitution ….”

        In other words this "interior ministry, has lost any credibility, situating him as a caricature, at lower levels of African states: while the so-called " authorities "are dressed in suits and speak courtly and polished, always cite problems of external origin (" crime "," the financial crisis "," drug dealers "," spread "," globalization "," the Mafia "), do violence against their own workers:  the snake biting its tail, and asks to be paid (taxes) !  Mafia did violence but don’t ask money.     They underline external problems precisely for hide their internal, inner structural psychosocial problems.

A "interior ministry" who knowingly harassing and violents an employee, who violates the law, it’s like a fireman that night goes "only" to turn on some forest, is like a policeman who "occasionally" stabs someone,  or says false (2), is like a doctor who knowingly administering cyanide "but not at all" (3). In a normal country would have been cleared and pilloried the whole chain of command (in Germany a minister resigned because he had copied a task!): instead ministers and prefects that we see pontificating on TV make us career.   Thanks to them, and to journalists too Occhiolino

In Italy there are 120,000 journalists, one for every 500 people that is the highest percentage in the world (!!), like all parrots-puppets repeating alway the same 4-5 "information", almost everyone has censored the serious and embarrassing fact.  The CGIL (the 1st union) instead has published on its website :


(CGIL union text “Sentenced of bullying the interior ministry: bullying in the public administration…”  (the repeate the sentence)

The aforementioned "prefects" and "ministers" have allowed a psychopatic boss very violent and vessasse, attack a worker, every day, raping she, accusing she, and shouting she, taunting she in public, with continuous attacks and an attitude that (certainly!) that boss did not used to the "prefects": this is the silence, the omertà, the blue code of silence that (unlike the mythological narratives by tv and media) permeates all jobs; in the ministry of interior (in all countries) the silence is maximum, absolute, superior to that of all the gangs put together, so we call it the Ministry of omertà: a cut above the Mafia . The four above have allowed this sadistic boss (but only with the employees …) follow to harass the worker even inside the bathroom (!); a situation cross between "The Shining" and "A Clockwork Orange", while "prefects" and "ministers" showing off their smiles, and ignorant toady journalists collude and censor the relevant information.

Shining Ministero dell Interno repubblica delle banane Italy bullying

When the victim prayed, asked for help to "prefect", if only to be turned away, to escape, the “prefect” scolded her (keeping her in the same place). The last human, animal reaction, failed mediations savvy, verbal and legal, is a psychophysiological reaction: fight or flight.  The "Law" prevented her from reacting fighting with knives (would be an appropriate response?), but this person from 2 "prefects" cited was also prevented the flight, to escape, so that every day was forced by them to suffer such violence "to determine a PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder ", the same caused by wars, robberies, be hostages of terrorists, serious accidents, rapes, …. and staying into the italian “interior ministry” Occhiolino    Every morning this working, according to the fables also accepted by too many psychologists, went “to work”, but in fact the ministry and those were the fourth group did violence agains her, for two years.
       The Court, acquired all acts and listened to numerous witnesses, showed that "… The Ministry has submitted to the worker oppressive behavior, which led to a depressive state and therefore a reduction of the immune system resulting in acceleration of oncological disease" (4 ): in fact this person for that cancer is dead.    That’s Italy: pizza, mandolino, mafia, spaghetti and stupidity, unreliability, total disorganization. 
 Ministero interno prefettura Roma - Italy violence mobbing harassing bullying

          For this aggressions the "ministry" will have to pay € 91,000.00; but since there is no limit to the shame, the ministry did not accept that either: has appealed against those who have damaged and made ​​ill, the “interior minister” Cancellieri (actual “interior minister”)(5) has appealed against a dead person !!    This "interior ministry" without competence nor shame of such ridicolous Italy will lose, even in the 3rd grade, because the trial has been "linear", the evidence is 100% conclusive, the witnesses all agreed and clear to the point that the judge was so sure that some do not even have heard. Days ago a policeman was sentenced to pay € 20,000.00 because with the scams have "damaged the image of the body of belonging", but after this the judgment of the Labour Court and the appeal of the prosecutor (who will lose), which is the image of the “interior ministry” and anyone working there? As we are forced to look prefects, ministers and all their “workers” ?    This woman, this person who worked for the state that is for all of us, was attacked, harassed, humiliated, killed psychologically, until in 2011 died of cancer: congratulations Italy ! 
      Now she is attacked in the memory too ! even in death, with an action against she by Cancellieri : the reward it for its mediocrity (10) and for continuing to cover the ineptitude of Maroni and Amato, Cancellieri was confirmed a second time as a minister !!! now since October 2013 she is a minister of justice: Banana Republic and country of scoundrels.
      Amato instead, the manager of this case, was in danger of becoming president of the banana republic !!  that mean? In which company priate or public who does damage of € 100.000,00 is promoted to director?  Only in Africa and in Italy.

Amato invitato a tener lezione da Pane Quotidiano 2015 03 09
          This happens also because too much so  much “psychologists”, “sociologists”, "intellectuals", “politicians” agree with this violences (cfr. Pragmatics of human communication): psychologists do focusing obsessively (and pointlessly, as demonstrated) always and only on the individual, they do this using silent, or with passive behavior or actions about bullying almost exclusively academic (ridicolous) and totally inadequate: beautiful conferences, furbish theories, while millions of workers are subjected to concrete daily violence, terrified as it happens to soldiers in war, threatened, harassed for years and years.

       If a parent agree that his 8 year old son beat his 3 years old brother, this parehnt would be branded as "lacking in parenting skills" and perhaps the children would be taken away, by force ; but too many psychologists do the same, with the aggravating circumstance of knowing the consequences for the victims.

In 2008 WHO (PRIMA-EF) ) stated :

10 Prima EF 10 - ritagli x blog

“Bulling must be seen as an environmental problem ….. Initiatives focus on personality [= single workers] are doomed to failure ”: and this sentence rightly don’t condemn the boss but condemn the environment: the “interior ministry”  [I wrote The biggest scam of psychology for people bullied: competely useless].

         In billions of people know because we see that as we undergo "stress" easily there emerges the “labile Herpes (simplex )”, the "fever" sores, those bubbles painful but harmless: in every person forced to stress, for psychophysiological reasons (chronic hyperactivation of HPA Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis) immunity decreased , and those who have the herpes simplex virus that was sleeping inside often is that at that moment he wakes up. From here to prove legally that a specific stress caused those bubbles, it takes; but shouts to attacking to a worker, in front of colleagues, and pursuing her right into the bathroom (!) for years (!!), to the occurrence of serious damage immediate professional, human and psychological, the causal path is straightforward, logical, and linear. Attack, screaming, vex, harass, are behaviors which harm is obvious and immediate, known to anyone.
        Almost always, in the past, the courts have ruled the causal link between psychological violence and cancer: the Technical Consultants, doctors, had no elements to support that thesis. But there are even no elements to exclude it.    In any case, the demonstration of the causal relation stress—->cancer is here: it come from the world of science, and from 2008, that is, just as the "ministry" and those inept person undergoing a violent stress. Medical researchers Yoichi Chida , Mark Hamer , Jane Wardle and Andrew Steptoe (Psychobiology Group, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health , University College London) analyzing decades of research have concluded "stress-related psychosocial factors have an adverse effect on cancer incidence and survival." This information was published in Nature Clinical Practice Oncology , available to anyone on the "The database medical-psychological" PubMed . Not bad Occhiolino  The "interior ministry" violent, harassing, humiliating, island, damages, causes illness seriously, makes disabled, probably causes cancer and worsens survival, killing. Professor Cipolla calls the "stupidity": the "bandit" harms others but he gains something, instead it "stupid" harms others become damaged in turn: the "stupid" is who hurt we, which disturbs us making evil to himself. Congratulations to the Ministry of omerta, to Amato, Maroni, Serra, and Mosca.    Welcome in Italy Occhiolino 


(1) The Civil Code Article 2087 "requires the employer to take all necessary measures to safeguard the physical integrity and moral personality of the worker". The Court found a violation of this article is that the Constitution, Art. 32 (right to health). Not bad for the "interior ministry" .
(2) 25 police officers were sentenced definitively to the Supreme Court for the criminal offense of "false" (about the events at the G8 in Genoa in 2001); ministry keep these charlatans ministry into service and paying them for 11 years, and the judgment of the "minister" Cancellieri said an emblematic and corporate-mafia familistic: only 4 words "We respect the judgments." instead of making public apologies.
(3) As early as 2004 it was publicly known that the so-called "interior ministry" takes "up to bullying forms of sadistic cruelty" (I said the lawyer. Marazzita Nino , as shown in the study reported in this site "Mobbing in uniform "of 23/1/2012 ).
(4) from the site CGIL – FP      

(5) It was said that it was a woman ….
(9) In red the text of the judgment

(10) see Zinoviev A., “Yawning Heights”, Vol I and Vol II  (a novel on Ibania, the country’s outstandig mediocrity)

(13/09/13) At worst, especially in this Italy of toadies and scoundrels, there is no limit. The person responsible for the damage to that worker, the "minister" Amato, completely unable to manage a simple office, from Italian president was named "Constitutional Judge"
"President Napolitano appointed Constitutional Judge prof. Giuliano Amato
The President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, a decree today, appointed pursuant to art. 135 of the Constitution, Judge of the Constitutional Court, Professor Giuliano Amato, replacing Professor Franco Gallo, who left their job of Judge and President of the Constitutional Court on 16 September.
The decree was countersigned by the President of the Council of Ministers Honourable Dr. Enrico Letta.
The appointment of the new Constitutional Judge the Head of State has given notice to the Chairman of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Constitutional Court.
Rome, September 12, 2013 ”


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